Forward it or you’ll die!!!!

The title sounds familiar, doesn’t it???? You must have read it numerous times in ur text messages or your so called chain mails…This is the latest text message I received :” On May 9, we are celebrating mothers’ day..Pass this message to at least 2o people within 2 days..If you don’t ,it means you don’t love your mother and that you don’t deserve her….You will lose your mom soon if you break the chain and your love will leave you..Forward immediately.I love my mom”……

My!!!! I love my mom so much…but y this blackmail???? Isn’t love a sweet thing..y should sumone threaten you this way?..Isn’t love spontaneous..???? And guess what, I did not forward the message..That doesn’t mean I don’t love her…..I don’t have to prove it this way!!!!

On the other hand..THE CHAIN MAILS….I don’t forward them either..If all those threats have been true, I have been left by my love 15 times, killed , hospitalised 17 times and the best part is killed 20 times!!!! 🙂 and God is love to me..I don’t think He’ll leave me 4 not forwarding these mails or messages!!!


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