Dear Reggie uncle, thank you!

A numbing news made its way to me on Sunday evening through an SMS. Honestly, most of us knew this would eventually happen but just refused to be prepared for it. Dear Reggie uncle had passed from his temporary home after more than a year of fighting ┬ácancer with much grace and patience. I’m pretty… Continue reading Dear Reggie uncle, thank you!

Dying one final time

“At least 15 people commit suicide in India every hour.” Honestly, for how many of us is this sentence blood curdling? I guess none, or just a few. The rest of us read this sentence sans emotion, just like we would read any other piece of news. Suicide has become so common and so often… Continue reading Dying one final time

When shorthands become too short

Shorthands. Some blame it on the character limits on texts, some on conforming to the trend, some on sheer laziness, some on the inadequacy of time itself. And this is not even a teen or an young adult thing anymore. When my “Take care, grandma” was responded with a “K.Tx.U2”, I knew, this thing just… Continue reading When shorthands become too short


Plagiarism is no longer an undiagnosed disease that silently creeps in and kills. People are more aware than ever of its deadly impacts that they would do anything to keep it off. With plagiarism being one of the most talked about topics today, I would do no good to the reading community by jotting down… Continue reading Camouflaged

To see the extraordinary, you must know the ordinary

November 14, 2016. I expected it to be that time of the year all of us in India pull out our childhood photographs and post them on social media with a very nostalgia-evoking, heart-sinking, wish-I-were-a-kid-thought-stirring quote. Well, that happened.*Guilty as charged.* But something else took dominance this year. The November supermoon. The moon’s closest encounter… Continue reading To see the extraordinary, you must know the ordinary